MTB Racing returns to McNeil Ranch at Peaceful Valley! 2023 marks the second year of MGXC, a mountain bike course that utilizes all the fun trails at the Ranch. Some of these trails have been reincarnated from days of the past, and some are new ones built by our own team with the help of the great folks at Scout Ranch.  The course is currently set to be a 5.2 mile lap race. Your category will determine the number of laps. The start/finish area will be right under the huge dining hall where the crowd will be cheering you on. MGXC will be the third day of racing over the Mad Gravel weekend.

What to Expect

Set right in the heart of Peaceful Valley Ranch, this sweet course winds through the varying terrain in the eastern tundra of Colorado’s front range.  The course is a mix of technical sections, fast and furious single-track and double-track roads. You will still be tested with about 400+ vertical feet per lap. The start/finish will be based right in front of the indoor/outdoor dining hall overlooking the giant open range of Elbert County.

  • Post Race support
  • Medical support
  • Professional Timing
  • Post Race awards
  • Plenty o’ food and drink and provided by our sponsors
  • Custom swag


Pricing: Adults – $70, Juniors (13-18) – $55, Juniors (9-12) – $28, Juniors 8 and under FREE. If you have a junior (8 and under) that wants to race on the bigger course with 9/10 year olds, they can move up and will need to register with 9-12 year old pricing.


Course 411: The course will be marked at all critical intersections the day before the race. Pre-riding prior to the Mad Gravel weekend will not be allowed as the McNeil Ranch is private. There will be an opportunity to ride the course all of Memorial Day weekend though as long as it does not interfere with other events. If scouting it out on race day while active racers are on course, please maintain a 200 foot following distance.


Spectating: You name it. Peaceful Valley Ranch has viewing opportunities all around the property. But we can’t oversell the venue headquarters enough. It will be the place to be.


Number Plates: This is a lap timed event. All racers will have a number plate with chip except for the Elite Mini Kids Race.


Results: Posted at the conclusion of your race and online the following day.

**MGXC will be a sanctioned USA Cycling event in 2023.**


Race Rules

  • Rule 1: You will smile no matter the pain.
  • Rule 2: Yes, you must wear a helmet and have adequate eye protection.
  • Rule 3: Be nice to the land, it never did anything to you.3A: DON’T LITTER.3B: Stick to the trail. Course cutting could be as simple as creating a new line on a switchback. Please don’t do it.
  • Rule 4: No headphones. Sing to yourself.
  • Rule 5: If you don’t thank a volunteer, you will be publicly shamed.
  • Rule 6: This is mountain biking. Please, please, please be considerate of other racers whether you are in front being a superhero, or in back preparing to vomit. We all know this, but the occasional reminder never hurts.

Number of laps will be dependent on category and/or age group.  Awards ceremony will follow each race. Remember, your age will be calculated as RACE AGE, which is the age you will be on 12/31/2023.

USA Cycling

MGXC is a USA Cycling sanctioned event and a license is required. Have no fear though, if you don’t have a license, you can purchase a one-day license.

A juniors annual license is $40 in 2023. An adult license is $110. If you decide to purchase an annual license, use code RATTLER23 when you check out and you will get a $25 discount!



Refund Policy

Mad Gravel does not offer refunds. We completely understand that unfortunate circumstances happen, but we plan this event way in advance from a cost and resource allocation perspective, and the financial and administrative burden is high. On the plus side, Mad Gravel does offer transfers and deferrals. If you would like to transfer your entry to another rider, no problem. Just drop us a line and we can get it taken care of for you at no charge. The same goes for deferrals. We realize schedules change, life events happen, and injuries can surprise us. We will happily defer your entry fee to next year. Again, no charge, but you must let us know prior to race day.

Category Start Laps Course
13/14 Boys 8:30am 2 Short
13/14 Girls 8:31am 2 Short
11/12 Boys 8:33am 2 Short
11/12 Girls 8:34am 2 Short
9/10 Boys 8:36am 1 Short
9/10 Girls 8:37am 1 Short
MGXC Elite Mini 9:40am 1 Elite Mini
Pro/Open Women 10:00am 3 Standard
Single Speed Women 10:00am 3 Standard
CAT 1/2 15-18 Women 10:01am 3 Standard
CAT 1/2 19-29 Women 10:01am 3 Standard
CAT 1/2 30-39 Women 10:02am 3 Standard
CAT 1/2 40-49 Women 10:02am 3 Standard
CAT 1/2 50+ Women 10:02am 3 Standard
CAT 3 15-18 Women 10:03am 2 Standard
CAT 3 19-29 Women 10:03am 2 Standard
CAT 3 30-39 Women 10:03am 2 Standard
CAT 3 40-49 Women 10:03am 2 Standard
CAT 3 50+ Women 10:03am 2 Standard
CAT 1 15-18 Men 11:50am 3 Standard
CAT 2 15-18 Men 11:52am 3 Standard
CAT 3 15-18 Men 11:54am 2 Standard
Pro/Open / CAT 1 19-29, SS Men 1:40pm 4 Standard
CAT 1 30-39 Men 1:41pm 4 Standard
CAT 1 40-49 Men 1:42pm 4 Standard
CAT 1 50-59 Men 1:43pm 4 Standard
CAT 1 60+ Men 1:44pm 3 Standard
CAT 2 19-39 Men 1:45pm 3 Standard
CAT 2 40-49 Men 1:46pm 3 Standard
CAT 2 50-59, 60+ 1:47pm 3 Standard
EBIKE Class 1 All Categories 1:48pm 2 Standard
CAT 3 19-29 Men 1:49pm 2 Standard
CAT 3 30-39 Men 1:50pm 2 Standard
CAT 3 40-49 Men 1:51pm 2 Standard
CAT 3 50-59 Men 1:52pm 2 Standard
CAT 3 60+ Men 1:53pm 2 Standard
EPIC Men (70-79) 1:53pm 2 Standard
LEGEND Men (80-99) 1:53pm 2 Standard
To get the GPX file for the course, click on the map below.
Link will open Plotaroute in another window.
In the upper right, select ‘menu”
Select “Download”
You will see options for file download.