How do I register for Mad Gravel?

Visit our registration page now to sign up.


What should my race category be?

Mad Gravel will determine your age to be how old you are on December 31, 2024.


What if I want to change my race distance?

No problem, please contact us using our contact us form and we will make the change. On the morning of the race day, be sure to let a race official know.


Do I have to use a gravel bike?

You can bring whatever bike you see fit. Mountain, road, tandem fixie, uni.


Will there be aid stations?

Yes, we will have 2 locations with full aid stations as well as the Base aid station at the start/finish area. The Ultra participants will have 3 aid stations as you will see the same aid station on the first loop.


What will be at the aid stations?

Energy bars, energy gels, water, power drink, cookies, PBJ’s, bananas, chips, pretzels, pickles, hugs, and more.


Where is packet pickup?

Packet Pickup and registration will open on Friday night at the Dining hall. We will have staff there most of Saturday into Saturday night and 6:00AM Sunday morning.


Can someone else pick up my race packet?

Yes, but please provide a copy of registration receipt.


Can I pack stuff ahead to a feed zone?

Yes, we will have vehicles heading out early to the designated feed zones. We will communicate as we get closer as to which vehicle you will put your items in.


What is the refund policy?

We don’t offer refunds for Mad Gravel. However, transfers are accepted and deferrals into 2025 will be accepted.


What should I do in the unlikely event I decide to drop out?

Please make your way safely to the next feed zone and a vehicle will bring you back when it is timely for our staff.


Can I change my ride distance midway in the race?

We can’t stop you from doing that, but you won’t get a time for it. Please make sure you check in with us when you are finished.


What should I do after the race?

That’s easy, hang out on the awesome Mad Gravel patio, watch your friends come in, drink a beer, listen to music, enjoy food and relax!


What if a bad storm or foul weather moves in?

We will make immediate decisions to postpone the start, shorten the course or make a last minute cancellation if it gets really bad. We hope you can understand we won’t be able to offer refund. Party still happens though!


Are there volunteer opportunities?

Yes, we would love to have you! Please direct all inquiries to Paul Raemer at Paulr.crsdir@outlook.com